GENESIS productions

Major publications

1. CMAJ THEME ISSUES: A Comprehensive View of Sex- Specific Issues Related to Cardiovascular Disease by Drs. Louise Pilote, Kaberi Dasgupta, Veena Guru, Karin H. Humphries, Jennifer McGrath, Colleen Norris, Doreen Rabi, Johanne Tremblay, Arsham Alamian, Tracie Barnett, Jafna Cox, William Amin Ghali, Sherry Grace, Pavel Hamet, Teresa Ho, Susan Kirkland, Marie Lambert, Danielle Libersan, Jennifer O’Loughlin, Gilles Paradis, Milan Petrovich, Vicky Tagalakis. The article will be on line at e-cmaj and in print for a targetted group of readers, CMAJ February 2007.

2. STRONG MEDIA COVERAGE: “Emergence of Sex Differences in Prevalence of High SystolicBlood Pressure. Analysis of a Longitudinal Adolescent Cohort” by Drs Kaberi Dasgupta, Jennifer O’Loughlin, Shun-Fu Chen, Igor Karp, Gilles Paradis, Johanne Tremblay, Pavel Hamet and Louise Pilote.

LIST OF GENESIS PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS Complete list (updated March 20th, 2007) Graph of publications (updated April 11, 2007)

3. K Dasgupta, C Chan, D Da Costa, L Pilote, M De Civita, N Ross, I Strachan, R Sigal, L Joseph. Walking Behaviour and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes: Seasonal and Gender Differences-Study Design and Methods. Cardiovascular Diabetology 2007, 6:1

4. Karp I, Chen SF, Pilote L. Sex differences in the effectiveness of statins after myocardial infarction. CMAJ January 30, 2007; 176 (3)

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8. EB Loucks, LF Berkman, TL Gruenewald, T Seeman. Relation of Social Integration to Inflammatory Marker Concentrations in Men and Women 70-79 Years. Am J Cardiol. 2006; 97(7):1010-6.

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