Research: Students and Young Investigators Scholarships

The idea is to acquire pilot data that will lead to grant applications for the upcoming competitions.


Kaberi Dasgupta, Junior Investigator

Title of project: Influence of sex on prevalence of elevated blood pressure during adolescence.

Supervisor: Louise Pilote

Ken D Stark, Junior Investigator

Title of project: Cardiovascular Disease Risk and n-3 Fatty Acid Status in Men and Women.

Supervisor: Dr. Gilles Paradis

Igor Karp, Student

Title of project: Sex differences in the effects of cardiac medications in CHF and post-AMI patients.

Supervisor: Dr. Johanne Tremblay


Karel Faldik, Student

Title of project: Specific and common genetic determinants of hypertension in men and women.

Supervisor: Dr. Louise Pilote

Nadia Khan, Junior Investigator

Title of project: Gender and Ethnic Differences in Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus.

Supervisor: Dr. Karin Humphries

Sherry L Grace, Junior Investigator

Title of project: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Secondary Prevention access.

Supervisor: Dr. Louise Pilote


Clairs Heslop, Student

Title of project: Characterizing gender differences in the pathogenesis and prognosis of cardiac syndrome X.

Supervisor: Dr. Karin Humphries

Yvonne Leung, Student

Title of project: Gender differences in the prevalence and correlates of mind-body therapy in cardiac patients.

Supervisor: Dr. Louise Pilote

Majid Nikpay, Student

Title of project: Finding genomic determinants of substance use in female and male French Canadian families.

Supervisor: Dr. Pavel Hamet

Doreen Rabi, Junior Investigator

Title of project: Exploring sex differences in the efficacy of cardioprotective medications: A series of meta-analyses.

Supervisor: Dr. William Ghali